Simplify Your Admin

Stock Tracker is designed using the latest technology so it has a fresh, modern and friendly feel.
Simple to use Stock Tracker will improve the efficiency of your operation and increase customer service levels.
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Integrate Your Systems

Link to your website, suppliers, carriers, sales teams, customers and accounts.
Import sales, update prices and talk to your partners.
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Maximise Your Profit

Use intelligent stock control and key management tools to make decisions with confidence.
Featuring intelligent stock control, marketing and key management tools Stock Tracker enables you to make decisions with confidence.
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100% Customisable Stock Control Software

Our software is ready to go yet can be fully bespoke for your business – You get exactly what you need but with the reliability, time-scales and costs of standard stock control systems.

With Stock Tracker you can empower your business by integrating with your supply chain partners, gaining true visibility of your stock and sales and streamlining your operations.  From customer order through to final delivery Stock Tracker makes the process simple, efficient and as automated as you need.

We integrate with a wide range of eCommerce platforms and delivery partners meaning orders can go from website to warehouse without you lifting a finger.  We have also developed bespoke links to high-street retailers, 3rd party logistics/warehousing providers and other supply chain partners providing our customers with a future proof system that grows with them.

We’ve developed a number of clever features and tools to cut and simplify administration from every aspect of your operation and at the same time giving you a wealth of management information.  Armed with this you can be sure you are making the right decisions for a successful business.

Stock Control

Inventory Management for Warehousing

Stock Control is at the heart of Stock Tracker.  The advanced yet intuitive inventory management features allow quick and simple access to your current stock levels, requirements and sales.

Management Reporting

Management Information KPIs

Our stock control software features, as standard, a wide range of reports which can be printed , emailed or exported onto an Excel spreadsheet, CSV file or directly to PDF.

Order Processing

Processing of multi channel sales orders

Stock Tracker gives your sales and order entry team all the information they need at their finger-tips to process sales orders efficiently.

Why is Stock Tracker different?

What makes us different is we understand all businesses have their own way of doing things.  We will develop any part of the Stock Tracker to your exact needs giving you a bespoke system at a fraction of the cost and delivered to you within weeks.  Our flexibility means that we can also react to changes in your business ensuring that….

As you grow, Stock Tracker grows with you.

A Stock Control System that talks

We integrate with a number of other systems and supply chain partners so you can manage logistics, accounting and sales channels all from one place.  Our bespoke approach means anything we don’t talk to currently can be developed for you as part of your package price.


Our stock control system includes an extensive warehousing section that covers the physical tasks of picking, packing and despatching your orders, plus receipt of goods in from your suppliers.


Purchase Order Processing

Good control of purchasing is vital for your cash-flow and customer satisfaction…. Stock Tracker makes it simple.


The manufacturing section is perfect for companies that build products from materials and parts, either for stock or as they are sold.


A key feature of Stock Tracker is its ability to talk to external companies and systems, reducing your administration costs and making your business processes more efficient.


Stock Trackers’ intuitive invoicing feature allows sales invoices to be created automatically for each sale and then printed or emailed directly to your customer at the click of a button.


Customer Manager (CRM)

The customer is the most important part of any business and Stock Tracker recognises this by including a number of easy to use features that will help you retain and grow your customer base.


Stock Tracker has been designed to fit a variety of business sectors but sometimes a business just doesn’t fit the mould………


If you want availability 24 hours per day, 7 days per week but without the hassle of buying and maintaining hardware then Stock Tracker – Cloud is the way to go.

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