Stock Tracker stock control software gives your sales and order entry team all the information they need at their finger-tips to process sales orders efficiently.

View a customers’ previous orders, products and price paid, credit status and more.  Product information is available on screen at point of order, whilst product factsheets, sizes and images can be viewed at the click of a button.

Whether trading online, from a traditional store, via mobile sales reps or from a trade counter Stock Tracker includes everything you need to successfully manage sales orders whilst organising the information on screen in a way that makes order entry intuitive NOT complicated.  Many settings can be defaulted globally or per customer so you don’t, for example, have to remember which price list the customer uses or their preferred delivery address when you are processing their orders.

You can order from stock, supplier or back order from the same screen.  You can also save quotes and enquiries which can be converted to full orders later.

What’s more Stock Tracker can seamlessly link into your online eCommerce store(s) and other sales channels including EBay and Amazon.


Elements of the Sales Order Processing feature include:
  • Quotes
  • Service order
  • Order from incoming stock
  • Back orders
  • Multiple brands
  • Supplier for direct delivery to customer
  • Multiple price lists
  • Enquiries
  • Order from stock
  • Record Payments (cash / Online / Credit Account etc)
  • Real-time stock levels at point of sale
  • Multiple currencies
  • Bulk sale prices
  • Credit, returns, refunds, proforma
  • Sales rep management
  • Customer loyalty reward schemes
  • Ebay and Amazon integration

Take control of your trade counter!

Trade counter?  The Stock Tracker stock control system includes key functionality that will allow you to efficiently process both cash and card sales, adjust stock and streamline the day to day operation of your business.




Stock Trackers’ intuitive invoicing feature allows sales invoices to be created automatically for each sale and then printed or emailed directly to your customer at the click of a button.

Customers (CRM)

The customer is the most important part of any business and Stock Tracker recognises this by including a number of easy to use features that will help you retain and grow your customer base.

Management Reports

The Stock Tracker stock control system features as standard a wide range of reports which can be printed, emailed or exported onto an Excel spreadsheet, CSV file or directly to PDF.