The Stock Tracker stock control system includes an extensive warehousing section that covers the physical tasks of picking, packing and despatching your orders, plus receipt of goods into your warehouse from your suppliers.

Whether your existing systems include barcode scanning or not, the Stock Tracker system can simplify your internal processes and increase the productivity of your warehouse operation.

Incorporating a goods in process that lets you mark product as received, Stock Tracker also helps to identify product which is short so suppliers can be chased for a fulfilment date.  More advanced features of Stock Tracker allow you to quarantine or ring-fence stock for QA purposes or in the case of returns reduce the price of the product for a quick resale.

Wasting time organising orders for carrier despatch?
Integrate directly with your carriers to streamline the despatch process!

Once items are ready for despatch the Stock Tracker stock control system will allow orders to be grouped by carrier and will link directly to their system to give you real time control of the product both before and after it has physically left the warehouse.

Stock Tracker’s easy to use yet comprehensive warehousing features include:
  • Placing goods into quarantine
  • Multiple stock locations
  • Courier integration
  • Stock transfers
  • Stock takes, adjustments and movements
  • Handle container deliveries
  • Record serial and batch numbers
  • Manage drop ship

Purchase Order Processing

Good control of purchasing is vital for your cash-flow and customer satisfaction….unfortunately it’s also one of the hardest things to get right.

Stock Control

Stock Control and inventory management is at the heart of Stock Tracker. The advanced yet intuitive stock control features allow quick and simple access to your stock levels, requirement and sales.

Management Reports

The Stock Tracker stock control system features as standard a wide range of reports which can be printed, emailed or exported onto an Excel spreadsheet, CSV file or directly to PDF.