Stock Tracker has been designed to fit a variety of business sectors but sometimes a business just doesn’t fit the mould………

We can develop Stock Tracker to fit your business.

We think a new software system should never be a compromise, it should work for you and not the other way round.  Many businesses have specific jobs, customers and operational processes which don’t fit in with how a traditional system works. Our approach is to customise our Stock Tracker software so its not only right from day one but more importantly it grows with your business.

Stock Tracker is developed and written using the latest Microsoft development tools meaning its packed with cutting edge technology which will be around for years to come.

Sounds expensive?

It’s not! Stock Tracker has a wealth of scalable features out of the box so more often than not it’s a tweak here and there which can be done as part of the software set up and integration package.  For larger changes you will benefit from the modern techniques and programming platforms we use which mean traditional costs and timescales are a thing of the past.

Not sure what you need, need to discuss your requirements?

You can discuss your ideas and needs at any point with one of our business and development experts.  They will make sure you get exactly what you need to make the Stock Tracker stock control system the perfect solution.

If you have an IT development team and prefer to use them that’s fine!  Stock Tracker Enterprise allows you to develop Stock Tracker using the expertise you already have in house.

Stock Tracker’s easy to use yet comprehensive features include:
  • Custom reports
  • Data sharing and integration
  • Tailored order entry screens
  • EDI
  • Custom screens and modules
  • Supplier, carrier, customer and accounts links
  • Scalable software system


A key feature of Stock Tracker is its ability to talk to external companies and systems, reducing your administration costs and making your business processes more efficient.

Sales Order Processing

Stock Tracker stock control software gives your sales and order entry team all the information they need at their finger-tips to process sales orders efficiently.

Stock Control

Stock Control and inventory management is at the heart of Stock Tracker. The advanced yet intuitive stock control features allow quick and simple access to you current stock levels, requirements and sales.