Customer management on Stock-Tracker


What is the Customer Manager?

How do I create a new customer account?

What information fields are available for each customer?

How do I view and edit a customer account


What is the Customer Manager

The customer manager is a summary list of all your customer accounts that allows you to view them at a glance. The customer manager can be viewed by clicking Customers->View Customer Manager.

Customer Manager

Using the options at the top of the screen you can filter the list to show customers depending on their status or recent activity.  You can also filter on any text within the list using the filter box.

As with all lists in Stock Tracker, the columns shown can be changed as required. Please note that these changes need to be requested and cannot be made within the system admin section.


How do I create a new customer account?

Creating a new customer account can be done by clicking New Customer on the main screen.  This brings up the new customer wizard which guides you through the information required to create a new customer account.

New Customer Wizard

Almost all the fields are optional so if you don’t have, or don’t need to hold any particular details you can leave these fields blank.  The key fields which must be completed are


  • Step 1: Customer Name – This is used to identify the customer in lists within Stock Tracker
  • Step 2: Company Name – The name of the company which may be different to the customer name above
  • Step 3: City – The city (or town) of the INVOICE address
  • Step 4: Company Name and City – The DELIVERY address, ticking the box on this step will copy over the invoice address entered in step 2


What information fields are available for each customer?

All available fields are explained in detail in the table below.


Column Description
Customer Name The name shown throughout Stock Tracker for this customer, it could be the contact name, company name or trading name
Email Address The main email address for general correspondence.  For business customers this may be their general email address or the email address of your main contact.
Mobile # Mainly for the general public, enter a mobile number in here if you plan to use SMS Text messaging within Stock Tracker
Referrer How did the customer hear of you?  This list can be edited in the company settings area of Stock Tracker
Customer Group Customers can be grouped to allow you to send specific marketing or view reports.  An example may be ‘Online Stores’, ‘Wholesalers’, ‘Independent Store’, ‘Retail Chain’ etc.
Add To Campaign If you have a marketing campaign set up you can add this new customer to that campaign. You may for example like to send new customers certain information or maybe just call them to welcome them to your company.
Rep If you want to assign a sales rep to this customer select them from this list
Brand If you use multiple brands, select the default brand for this customer here.  General emails and documents  will show this brand.
Catalogue If this customer orders from a specific catalogue, select it here or choose None.  When new orders for this customer are entered, if they have a default catalogue set you will be prompted to use this catalogue.
Step 2: Invoice Address Standard address fields which will be the customer’s Invoice Address.
Step 3: Deliver Address Standard address fields which will become the default delivery address for new orders.  If the delivery address is the same as the invoice address, tick the box to save you entering the same details twice.

Additional delivery addresses can be entered once you have completed the new customer wizard.  See ‘Viewing and Editing a Customer Account’

Payment Terms These is the payment terms text which will appear on new orders and invoices
Pays VAT Checking this box will ensure VAT is calculated on this customers’ orders.  Uncheck this box if the customer should not have VAT added to their orders
Account Type Normal – A standard customer with no credit facility

Credit – This customer has a credit account, selecting this option will allow you to take account payments for new orders

Credit Limit If this customer is a credit account, enter their credit limit in here.  If you use Sage for your accounting this field can be populated automatically if required – ask for details
Proforma Terms Checking this box will prompt you to save new orders for this customer as ‘On Hold – Proforma’.  This will prevent stock from being allocated and the order being released automatically.



How do I view and edit a customer account?

The customer account screen contains a number of ‘tabs’ which in turn hold specific information about a customer.  This screen is a quick and simple way to see a customer’s history, orders and more.  This screen can be accessed via Customers->View Customer Manager->Click on Customer.

Editing a customer account

The ‘tabs’ can be seen across the top of the screen: Customer Details, Account Details, Log, Interests and Groups etc.  Each Tab is described below.


Tab Field Description
Customer Details Customer Name The name shown throughout Stock Tracker for this customer, it could be the contact name, company name or trading name
Account # This is created automatically when you create a new customer but can be replaced your existing account number if required
Email Address The main contact’s email address or general email address for this company
Website and Social Media Use this fields to store website and social media links for this customer.  By clicking the buttons next to these fields you can go straight to that website.
Invoice Address The invoice address for this customer
Delivery Address By using the Address menu dropdown, you can add additional delivery addresses for this customer.  Adding addresses here will make them available when entering new orders for this customer.
Default Catalogue If this customer has a specific catalogue / price list you can select it here.  Any new orders taken will use this catalogue by default
Rep and Commission If a sales rep is assigned to this customer you can select them and enter a default commission %.  New orders will have this rep attached and their commission will be calculated when the order is accepted
Referrer and Customer Group Change these as required.  You can add to the list from the Company Settings screen
Delivery Notes Anything entered in here will appear on delivery notes for customer orders
Proforma New Orders By checking this box, new order for this customer will be saved as proforma’s unless overridden
Brand The branding to use on general customer emails
Account Type Pro-Forma / Normal – A standard customer with no credit facility

Credit – This customer has a credit account, selecting this option will allow you to take account payments for new orders

Closed – You will not be able to enter new order for this customer.

DOB Tick and enter this customers Date of Birth if required.
Credit App Status If you require a credit application to be approved for this customer, use the menu drop down to change the status.
Account Details Invoicing Reminder These are private notes for you to record any invoice specific information
Payment Terms These appear on customer invoices
Credit Limit The credit limit for this customer
O/S Balance The amount currently outstanding on account payments
Turnover The total spent by the customer whilst trading with you
Discount If the customer has a simple and standard discount, enter it here an any orders will be discounted by this % amount
Invoice Notice Any text in here will print on invoices for this customer.  You may for example add settlement discount or payment conditions
Sage Account Code The sage account code for this customer if used
Sage Nominal Code The nominal code to use if exporting invoices to Sage
Company Reg, and VAT Company registration number and VAT number.  Pays VAT if checked will ensure VAT is calculated on these orders
Settlement Discount If you offer a settlement discount, enter the % in this box and invoices will be calculated using this amount.
Scratch Pad Free text, enter anything you like in here.
Log This log is added to by Stock Tracker when key actions are taken for this customer.  You can also add your own notes by entering text and clicking Add.  Notes cannot be edited once entered

You can also add attachments to the log by clicking File->New Attachment. This allows you to add emails or letters for example which will be available to all other users.  Double click and attachment in the log to open it.

Interest and Group Available/ Selected You can add customers to group using these 2 boxes.  Groups are used in reporting and when creating new marketing campaigns
Previous Marketing Campaigns You can quickly review the campaigns this customer has already been included on.
Orders This lists the orders for this customer which you can filter by using the options at the top of the screen.  Double click orders to view them in detail
Product History See all products ordered by this customer, the date of order and the price paid.  Useful if a customer wants to repeat order but isn’t sure on exactly what.
Sales Chart A quick graphical overview of the spend for this customer over the past 3 years.
Payment History An overview of payments made and received from this customer.  If there is a value in the O/S column, the customer has yet to make a Payment on Account for this/these invoices.
Reward Scheme If you operate a reward scheme you can see the details here.  You can join this customer to a reward scheme using the menu drop downs
Support Tickets This screen summarises all past and present support / service issues for this customer.  Double click each to view the ticket.
Reports You can run customer specific reports by clicking the appropriate button.  It is possible to set up a daily or weekly email to this customer by filling in the email address in these boxes.  Setting up the automatic emails must be done by Stock Tracker – Call for details.