The Stock Tracker software system features as standard a wide range of reports which can be printed, emailed or exported onto an Excel spreadsheet, CSV file or directly to PDF.

Almost all information contained within Stock Tracker can be viewed via customisable reports, the format of which can be saved to quickly allow you to run the same reports again in the future. To aid accurate decision making the report viewer section of the Stock Tracker stock control system also makes extensive use of graphs and charts allowing business owners and key decision makers to quickly visualise trends, peaks and troughs. Stock Tracker can provide you with extensive data about your business operations to ensure you have the key information at your finger tips.

Looking for a software system that will provide you with extensive reports on your business?

The list of reports available on Stock Tracker is both extensive and continually growing and includes standard reports that analyse stock and inventory, purchasing, sales, returns, invoicing and much more.  Some of the key standard reports available include:

  • Slow moving stock lines – See the best sellers and the worst sellers so you can adjust prices, promote stock and prepare for the peak periods.
  • Lead time monitoring – Keep an eye on lead times from suppliers and use the information to proactively reduce lead times.  Also view carrier delivery times and keep on top of late deliveries.
  • Detailed profit – View daily, weekly or per order profit reports so you know what’s making money and needs tweaking.
  • Range analysis – View sales by product range so you can see which products and styles are selling well, enabling you to buy new lines with confidence.


Stock Trackers’ intuitive invoicing feature allows sales invoices to be created automatically for each sale and then printed or emailed directly to your customer at the click of a button.

Stock Control

Stock Control and inventory management is at the heart of Stock Tracker. The advanced yet intuitive stock control features allow quick and simple access to your stock levels, requirement and sales.

Sales Order Processing

Stock Tracker stock control software gives your sales and order entry team all the information they need at their finger-tips to process sales orders efficiently.