Why Stock Tracker?

The Stock Tracker stock control system is a unique product because it takes the best bits from a standard ‘Off-the-shelf’ system and combines it with the power of bespoke software.

What does that mean exactly?

Stock Tracker
The best of both.  An existing stock control system, fully featured from day one with the freedom to have it completely customised to your business
Off-the-shelf A software product which can be bought ‘off-the-shelf’ or from a company who have developed it from scratch
Bespoke A project developed with a software house. They will discuss your requirements, design and then write a totally customised piece of software


Stock Tracker
Stock Tracker has a wide range of features included as per the standard stock control system and the ability to include anything else you need. Read More
Off-the-shelf Includes a wide range of features although not necessarily all the features you need for your business and possibly many you don’t
Bespoke Includes ALL the features you need from day one


Stock Tracker
The Stock Tracker stock control system has a wide user base and although many customers add bespoke features or change their processes, it is largely the same system so full support and training is available now and into the future. Read More
Off-the-shelf A standard system will usually have a wide user base and plenty of support, training options and help
Bespoke Will start out strong but may reduce as the system ages and the people who wrote it leave the company

Time To Live

Stock Tracker
If you need the standard stock control system then a few weeks is all it takes.  If your business needs customisation it can take just a few weeks longer.  Stock Tracker may already have 90% of what you need so you only wait for the 10%. Read More
Off-the-shelf It typically takes a few weeks to transfer data, train staff and launch the system
Bespoke Can take many months to spec, write and implement if it’s written from scratch


Stock Tracker
Has been developed and used since 2008 so the core is tried and tested.  All our bespoke work is fully spec’d with the client, developed by people who know the software and tested with our wide range of test data before it goes live. Read More
Off-the-shelf Usually quite robust as it will have been developed over years and be in use by a wide user base.
Bespoke May have more bugs due a limited amount of testing, poor design and a limited user base.


Stock Tracker
Even with a higher amount of bespoke customisation the Stock Tracker stock control system is priced in line with a standard system.  We include all modules as standard and because bespoke customisation is what we love, we don’t charge crazy prices.  We’ll find out what you need and offer the package which best suits. Read More
Off-the-shelf The lower cost option although beware of additional charges for ‘modules’, support, training and set up. If customisation is offered cost may be prohibitively high
Bespoke A much higher cost option due to the time needed to write a system from scratch


Stock Tracker
As with bespoke you have total control, we can make any change you need whether it’s new fields, screens, report or an entirely different operational process.  We also regularly develop new standard features which are made available to all customers. Read More
Off-the-shelf You may be offered new versions as the system develops.  Whether the new version has the new features you need isn’t always clear and there is the danger things that you are familiar with have changed
Bespoke You have total control over the system, if your business grows, your customers demand more or you’ve just though of a better way of doing things it can be changed.  It isn’t developed unless you ask for it