Stock Control and inventory management is at the heart of Stock Tracker.  The advanced yet intuitive stock control features allow quick and simple access to your current stock levels, requirements and sales.

Irrespective of what your stock is, how you sell or use the stock or how many locations it is stored in, Stock Tracker will provide you and your business with real time and complete stock visibility.

Stock Tracker will quickly provide you and your staff with in depth stock information that will ensure that even the dreaded stock take becomes a quick and simple process,

You can manage stock and inventory across multiple warehouse locations from a single system so information is always real time and by adding a barcode scanner and label printer you can increase your efficiency and accuracy when picking and packing orders for delivery.


Looking for a market leading Stock Control system?

If so Stock Tracker is for you!

Incorporating many advanced and unique features the Stock Tracker stock control system also allows you to manage and view supplier and manufacturer part numbers for quick reference and even allocate different product names for the same items.

Stock tracker is Stock Control software that is easy to use yet comprehensive.

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Stock Tracker includes the following features that will improve efficiency and add clarity to your business:
  • Real time stock levels
  • Manufacturer and Supplier part # and descriptions
  • Multiple location / stock lists
  • Multiple bin locations
  • Stock taking
  • Simple goods inwards / outwards process
  • View non-moving or slow lines
  • Seasonal ordering
  • Multiple suppliers
  • Link directly to 3rd party logistics and warehousing
  • Bar-coding and label printing
  • Printed pick / pack/ delivery notes
  • Stock level adjustments
  • Multiple EAN / UPC codes
  • Intelligent Mix/Max stock calculations
  • Package combinations
  • Unlimited multi-tier product groups and categories


Stock Trackers’ intuitive invoicing feature allows sales invoices to be created automatically for each sale and then printed or emailed directly to your customer at the click of a button.


Stock Tracker includes an extensive warehousing section that covers the physical tasks of picking, packing and despatching your orders, plus receipt of goods in from your suppliers.

Management Reports

The Stock Tracker stock control system features as standard a wide range of reports which can be printed, emailed or exported onto an Excel spreadsheet, CSV file or directly to PDF.