Stock Tracker – Cloud

Stock Tracker Cloud combines the power and flexibility of Stock Tracker with the availability of the ‘Cloud’.

With Stock Tracker Cloud edition you can access your company’s sales and stock via the Internet on almost any Internet enabled computer.  There is no installation or hardware to maintain, you simply type in your web address to enjoy the benefits Stock Tracker will bring to your business.

You can even use Apple Macs, iPads or tablet PCs so it’s the ideal solution if you want to give your mobile sales force a powerful Desktop application 24/7, and just as importantly allow you and your management full visibility of the important aspects of your business.

With the Cloud version of Stock Tracker you get all the features of the desktop version including:

  • SALES ORDER PROCESSING – import orders received via various sales channels including your website(s), eBay, Amazon and your Call Centre.
  • PURCHASE ORDER PROCESSING – manage complex purchasing simply by setting it up once and letting Stock Tracker do the work thereafter.
  • STOCK CONTROL – real time Stock Control Software for multiple branches or warehouses.



  • CUSTOMER MANAGEMENT – see customer activity on one screen, create marketing campaigns and handle after-sales with ease.
  • WAREHOUSING – Manage any number of warehouses, simplify goods in and out processing.  Supports barcoded and non-barcoded products.
  • INTEGRATION – Stock Tracker is capable of talking to suppliers, delivery partners, websites, eBay, Amazon and accounts packages such as Sage and Quickbooks. It will also seamlessly provide information and link with customers…whether retailers, wholesalers or the customer at home!


  • INVOICING– Manage invoicing with minimal effort.  Save postage with emailed invoices and export sales into accounts packages to reduce time and human error.
  • MANAGEMENT REPORTS – Key business reports keep you in control of your business.  Spot trends, analyse profits and view slow moving lines.
  • BESPOKE – We can quickly and simply tailor Stock Tracker to your exact needs by making Stock Tracker bespoke for your business.



Stock Tracker works with almost any company that sells goods or services to the business sector or general public.  If you have complex supply chains or multiple sales channels Stock Tracker can greatly increase the efficiency of your business.

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